E.MIX All-Purpose Joint Compound

E.MIX All-Purpose Joint Compound is a ready-mixed, gypsum-based, thin plaster for skim finishing on walls and ceilings in interior conditions. Product provides consistent and excellent workability and seamless finishing.
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Marketing description

It is suitable for surface and joint finishing on gypsum boards. The hardened plaster surface can be painted or wallpapered.  It is also used for taping, finishing, filling, coving, and final coats of gypsum board joints. It is ideal for embedding fasteners, corner surfaces, where necessary. 

About this product

  • When sanding, wear a NIOSH approved dust mask or use a wet sanding technique.
  • Long term breathing of large amounts of mica may cause lung disease.
  • If irritation occurs, wash immediately with clean water and seek medical assistance. Please keep out of reach of children.

Features and benefits

  • ​​​​Eco-friendly
  • Excellent crack resistance
  • Excellent workability
  • Low shrinkage


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