E.MIX Floor Hardener

E.MIX floor hardener is a ready to use dry shake non-metallic floor hardener for heavy duty traffic purposes. It provides high abrasion and wear resistance for internal and external use. It is applied as dry shake monolithic method over freshly laid concrete or floor screed, power floated to obtain a high abrasive resistant and dust free surface.
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Marketing description

This product is designed to provide high abrasion and wear resistance for both old and new floor applications such as commercial and industrial – factories, warehouses flooring. It is also suitable for carparks, driveways, garages, loading bays, exhibition halls, and automobile showrooms.

About this product

Ensure proper curing is important to achieve optimum performance of floor finish. Curing compound can be used to treat the floor upon completion of E.MIX floor hardener application.  Other curing method such as polyethylene sheets are also acceptable.

Features and benefits

  • Increase abrasion resistance
  • Non-rusting and non-slip surface
  • Dustproof property
  • Resistance to petrol, diesel, grease and household chemicals
  • High compressive strength


Articles information
Weight25 kg


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