Weberfloor ep 510 wb

Weberfloor ep 510 wb is based on advance water dispersed, two-component, epoxy resin formulated as a durable coating.
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Marketing description

It is specially formulated for precast tunnel segments, industrial and food processing areas, laboratories, wall coatings, and warehouses. It can be used as a curing membrane for concrete.

About this product

E.MIX ep 510 wb must be applied within 45 minutes to avoid developing a different colour when applied within pot life and after pot life. End of pot life can be determined when there is no more reaction, such as exothermic.

Features and benefits

  • Water-based system
  • No offensive odour
  • Water vapour permeable
  • Excellent adhesion to damp substrate
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and masonry
  • Inflammable


Articles information
Weight Part A Part B
Weight10 kg Part A5 kg Part B5 kg


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