Weberprim es 121

Weberprim es 121 is a multi-purpose, water-based, high-build modified acrylic primer suitable for use with E.MIX liquid coating membrane systems. Weberprim es 121 is effective, fast-drying, is low VOC, and is non-toxic, non- hazardous to the user.
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Marketing description

The single component nature of Weberprim es 121 makes it easy to use. The final cured film is tough, wear-resistant, and adheres strongly to the cleaned, competent substrates or surfaces.

Weberprim es 121 is suitable for priming in new construction, repair & renovation projects, and preventive maintenance works. Weberprim es 121 can be applied onto properly cleaned, competent concrete substrates, masonry, hardboards, fibre-boards, timber or any other properly prepared and cured cement-based surfaces.

About this product

  • For porous concrete surfaces, a second coat of Weberprim es 121 is recommended before coating over with the desired high build coatings.

  • For maximum performance, always ensure that Weberprim es 121 primer coat is fully cured and through-dry before coating over with the selected membrane system.

  • The waterproofing membrane whilst setting, shall be protected from rain. Air circulation is necessary in enclosed areas to assure the normal setting of the waterproofing membrane.

Features and benefits

  1. Primer for concrete surfaces

  2. Seals the surface

  3. Enhances adhesion of the membrane


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Safety Datasheet
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Product Datasheet