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About Us


Saint-Gobain designs, develops, and distributes innovative solutions to improve the quality of living spaces, reduce the environmental impact of buildings, and make life easier for its professional customers including architects and installers among others. We also offer a unique range of products and services for all areas of the construction industry.

Our History

Saint-Gobain was founded in France in 1665. Backed by its long and fruitful experience, its intimate connection with the customers and its proven ability to continuously innovate, our Company is today striving to be a key ingredient in the wellbeing of each of us and the future of all.

All along its 350 years of history Saint-Gobain has succeeded to get harmoniously aligned with the evolution of the human societies at the service of which the Company is. Such a malleability to permanently reinvent itself and anticipate the wishes of its clients helps to explain the longevity of Saint-Gobain and its international success.

Since its foundation a fundamental piece of the Saint-Gobain's strategy has been the continuous incorporation of new countries and territories into the Group. From this angle, the role played by Asia-Pacific in the last 40 years has been key.

Today, as a consequence of the huge potential of development of the region, the expansion in Asia-Pacific constitutes one of the top priorities for Saint-Gobain.

The Company started operating in Asia-Pacific in 1972. Since then the growth has been quite impressive.

At present the Group is both industrially and commercially active in 12 different countries all across the Asia-Pacific area, runs about 100 plants and employs some 14000 people, those who every day deploy the best of their efforts and talents to make of Saint-Gobain in each and every country the market's reference in terms of innovative and superior quality solutions.


Saint Gobain


Saint-Gobain Singapore leads the market with its sustainable habitat initiatives to create better living and working spaces while caring for the environment. 

The group has been present in the country since 1980s and in 2016, Saint-Gobain Singapore came together in a shared office space with 8 different business units under one roof, offering a diverse variety of solutions.


To be the worldwide leader in light and sustainable construction

We aim to pursue our growth trajectory so that we remain a leader in most of our markets. Being a leader impes- through our values, commitments and daily actions- to be a pioneer, drive the transformation of the market, and pave the way for others, by continuously innovating with and for our ecosystem.

Our value proposition is about offering alternatives to heavy build with construction modes, solutions and services that deliver more sustainability.

With this vision, which gives full meaning to our engagement to reach carbon neutrality in 2050, we contribute to the global effort to fight climate change, protect natural resources and provide comfortable and decent housing to all.